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Anish Menon

CEO-founder at Rekvant, Inc. , Nexhe & Enarges - Founder at Cognalys Inc. , Co-Founder at WebMo,Inc

Passionate about my work and I carryout business in the areas like VR / AR , Mobile apps , SaaS & Data science. recently ( since May - 2020 ) researching on WebRTC and Aframe.js to bring 3D models to web conferencing which can bring innovations to film industry and education sector.


Professional acquirements throughout the career.

  • Established social network for students called Despout in the year of 2010 in Al-azhar college Thodupuzha

  • One of my Opensource python library known django-realtime is used in Indyne/NASA .

  • Cognalys reconginzed in first 10 startups in Bigmobilityconf in 2014 . Artice

  • Managed the software development of Malaysian Gov Assets managament

  • Rekvant & Spacenative have satisfied the requirement of western Union by developing HTC VIVE based VR Experience . View the video

  • Rekvant & Spacenative worked for CHOCOLATES JUMBO - “Jumbo Concierto 2018” - The first video on double screen, where you can connect your cell phone and computer to live a unique experience.

  • The client list includes amongst others: Coca-Cola, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, NBA, Netflix, Mini Cooper, and the U.S. Army.


  • 2010 — MG university BE dropout .

  • 2011 — Established new venture for IT services reconginzed as Inzane technologies..

  • 2012 — Developed an alternative app for TrueCaller called Poison that shows caller name and location on outgoing calls which was not in truecaller

  • 2012 — App shutdown due to difficulty in maintaining its servers.

  • 2012 — SMS gateway expenditure was a barrier in the time of developing Poison in that point we got an idea to verify users phone number globally using missed calls ..

  • 2014 — Missed call based mobile number verification system has developed as SaaS for other developers by Cognalys,Inc. .

  • 2017 - Commenced a new venture that is Rekvant,Inc. which provides the service of VR/AR

  • 2017 - Started sister-concern of Rekvant,Inc called Spacenative which facilitate VFX and 360 video processing

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